Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela, leader and advocate.


Hello, my name is Marina Barbosa and I am an interventionist. That means I support students’ of all abilities by enhancing their academic, behavior, and social skills.


My Qualifications Include:

  • Masters Degree in Educational Psychology (M. Ed-Psy)
  • CBEST Teaching Credential
  • Behavior Analyst (future board certified behavior analyst, or BCBA)

To learn more about my education and experience visit my LinkedIn professional webpage by clicking here.

Educational Psychology: Educational psychology is the study of learning including; methods of teaching, how an individual learns best, child development and psychology, and special education and all related topics.

Behavior Specialist: Behavior analysts are mental health professionals and paraprofessionals who apply behavioral psychology techniques to help individuals succeed. Click here to learn more about board certified behavior analysts.

While many professionals use their BCBA credential to focus on the treatment of individual with Autism, I strive to bring the principles of behavior psychology to a variety of different settings and people including; parents, children, and teachers.

I am currently in training to become a board certified behavior analyst, or BCBA. I am completing the applied fieldwork requirements under the supervision of a Certified Behavior Analyst.

Education and Training: As an alumni of Chapman University’s educational psychology program, I have studied the most recent and scientifically based ways to educate and motivate children. My areas of knowledge include;

  • Learning and education for special needs students.
  • Learning and education for general education students.
  • Clinical and applied child psychology.
  • Therapy and counseling (Solution Focused or SFBT).
  • School based psycho-educational assessment (IQ and achievement testing).
  • Educational systems including primary schools and universities.
  • Leadership and development.


Experience: Sixteen years ago I began working with children of all ages and abilities. Over nearly two decades I have been lucky enough to have touched the lives of many children of all ages and abilities as an; educator, special needs instructor in a non-public school, tutor, behavior therapist, conflict resolutions manager, care-taker, and respite care provider.

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